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    View more information for on viewing/tracking vacancies and using the web services » 

    Please note that the second section (System details) is only required if you wish to use the web services interface.

    If you only wish to access the system to view and track vacancies, simply complete the first section (Your details) and then select 'submit' at the bottom of the form.

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    Advertising on Apprenticeship vacancies (Employers only)

    If you are currently advertising on Apprenticeship vacancies you may already be registered on the system and able to view your vacancies and relevant information, but may not be aware of this.

    Please indicate below if you have vacancies on Apprenticeship vacancies, as this will help us provide the right support to ensure you can view and track your vacancies.

    Have you already got vacancies advertised on Apprenticeship vacancies?

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    If you wish to utilise the range of web services available, please complete the fields below. Please note that your system/website will need to be registered in order for the transmission of information from Apprenticeship vacancies to your system/website to be recognised and permitted.

    More technical information regarding the web services can be found in our Service Interface Guide (PDF) »

    For further enquiries regarding the web services contact the NAS Helpdesk by emailing  or calling 024 76 82 6482.



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